Evelyn Lee (EL) is a full service production and distribution studio established in 2011. As storytellers, our goal is to create beautiful, compelling, and meaningful works of all kind, no matter the subject or scope.

With experience in both narrative and documentary films, online and theatrical distribution, and even entertainment law, EL can help you bring an original and engaging project to life from start to finish. We can assist you with development, casting, location scouting, line producing, production, directing, post-production, distribution, and advice on dealing with copyright and trademarks.

EL is available for all types of projects, from music videos, branded content, company profiles, tutorials, to short form documentaries and narratives, and feature films. Get in touch and let’s get the conversation started on what we can do for you.

EL is based primarily in NYC.

我們說中文!We also speak Mandarin!

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