About the Studio

Evelyn Lee (EL) is a full service film and multimedia production and distribution studio established in 2011. As storytellers, our goal is to create beautiful, compelling, and meaningful works of all kind, no matter the subject or scope.

Experienced in all fields of filmmaking and production, our films have screened in numerous festivals worldwide and gone to the film market at Cannes. Our film, The Name with No Face, had a limited release theatrically through self-distribution in August 2016, becoming one of sixty-one eligible entries for Oscars® consideration.

We also provide full video and photography services to clients, and create original scores for films. EL is based in NYC.

我們說中文!We also speak Mandarin!

Our Mission

As storytellers, our goal is to create beautiful, compelling, and meaningful works of all kind, no matter the subject or scope. Our job is to provide you or your company with high quality videos that are specifically designed to drive interest toward your product, service, or brand. We work with you and provide collaborative, creative input to ensure that the final product is exactly what you want. We are available for all types of projects. If you are searching for premium video content that will attract attention, look no further.

What We Do


Shot in HD (2K/4K available) and professionally edited. We make videos for businesses, events, food, sports, and any other creative project you need.


Have a project you need edited? We can help you. We are proficient in a wide variety of editing suites. Just tell us when you need it done by.


Reach a larger audience, build your engagement, and get your point across socially (Instagram/Twitter). Have a channel on IGTV? We can help you create vertical content for your loyal viewers.


Need photos taken for your company or an event? We’re have the cameras and the talent to give you the best photos.


Are you making a movie? We can help! With experience in both narrative and documentary films, online and theatrical distribution, and even entertainment law, EL can help you bring an original and engaging project to life from start to finish. We can assist you with everything from the development of an idea to assembling a crew, production, post-production, and distribution.


We can help you build your engagement across all social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more), collaborating with you on growth, launches, strategy, influence, copywriting, and making sure that your brand’s voice is clear. We can help with your film’s crowdfunding campaign, too.

Let’s work together. 

For further details and pricing, please get in touch with us. →

Who We Work With

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