SC Privacy Policy

Effective Date: February 2019.

What We Believe

We believe in importance of the privacy of our visitors and we are committed to keeping your data and information safe.​

The information in this Privacy Policy describes who we are, what information you may or may not provide us by visiting or purchasing a service from EL, and how that information is used or not used, based on your preferences.

Who We Are

We are EL, a sole-proprietorship studio providing screenplay services. We are a remote team, and operate on New York time. We have a reader team that reads virtually.

Readers are all vetted thoroughly via interview and background check, and are required to sign a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement and Employment Contract before starting work with EL. The NDA’s primary purpose is to safeguard the intellectual property of our customers. We do not hire unpaid interns or college students as readers, because we demand that our staff be capable of the highest degree of security and discretion in order to protect the work and integrity of our customers.

Your Screenplay’s Privacy

Any screenplay or literary material submitted to EL, as well as any supplementary information regarding the work and its authors, will never be shared, sold, read, publicized, or made available to any third party members. Furthermore, EL will never hold any claim or copyright to your material, and will never demand a percentage or participation in the sale or production of your material.

Your material is safely stored at all times on a secure server. We use secure cloud-based applications including Google Drive and Dropbox and we treat your material with the utmost care due to its sensitive nature. When finished, the coverage, comments, notes, and any related material we deliver will be kept in our offline database archive for three (3) months. The materials you provide us will be securely deleted.

Your screenplay and/or literary materials will not be distributed, made available in any way, shared, sold, or rented/leased to any third party, person, or entity outside of EL.

What Data You Provide When Using Our Service

Your IP, browser information, OS and version may be logged by our website provider, WordPress. If you are concerned about your IP details being logged, consider using a VPN service. WordPress also uses cookies, files created by the website to your browser cache.

When you purchase services on our site, you provide billing data

When you purchase services, your billing information and details will be provided to PayPal. While we have minimized the information you will need to provide during checkout, we have no full control over what billing information PayPal ultimately collects from you in your transaction.

We cannot ever see your credit card information. In the cases that we provide a direct invoice to you, we cannot initiate a charge without your explicit permission. Only our administration staff has access to sensitive information provided, and we will only use it to contact you in support situations (ie, look up a past order).

How We Share the Data You Provide

We do not share your data. Plain and simple. We do not give, sell, trade, rent, lease, or make available in any way your personal data and information to anyone outside of EL. We never will. We promise.

How We Use The Data You Provide

  • To provide services and products
  • To personalize your user experience
  • To deliver transactional and support emails to you
  • When/if subpoenaed by authority and we are demanded to provide any information we have

We do not share your screenplay or details with anyone, ever.

How We Secure The Data You Provide

We keep everything offline and away from easy access. After we are finished with a project, we will remove all files related to it from cloud-based networks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at