SC: Meet the Readers

Readers are often called “gatekeepers”: they are the first step in a submission process, and their coverage reports could be the only thing the studios or agencies ever read. EL Scripts is here to help you prepare for that process, so your script can be in the best shape when you send it out to a real agency or studio.​​ Our readers are professionals who have worked for agencies, studios, and producers. Some are also writers. They each have more than two years of experience giving professional script coverage.


SE is a screenwriter who was educated at NYU and works virtually from NYC and LA. SE has read for companies such as HBO, CAA, and Tribeca. SE has been working as a freelance script reader in between screenplays.

Favorite place to read: the bookstore / Favorite movies: The Godfather, No Country for Old Men / Favorite things to look for in a script: great dialogue, original ideas, proper formatting / Favorite genres: thriller, horror, drama, comedy


KF is a graduate of UCLA who works virtually between LA and sometimes London as a producer. KF has read for Focus Features, Paramount Pictures, WME, and Disney. KF most recently worked as a video producer on several branded promos.​

Favorite place to read: in my home office / Favorite movies: Citizen Kane, Die Hard, Memento / Favorite things to look for in a script: conflict! compelling characters, twists, and good pacing / Favorite genres: thriller, action, some dramas


XL is a freelance writer/director based in NYC and was educated at SVA. XL has read for companies such as HBO, CAA, and NBC. XL has written and directed a number of shorts, and plans to make a feature.

Favorite place to read: a quiet spot with a nice cup of coffee / Favorite movies: Thelma & Louise, Lady Vengeance, In the Mood for Love, Gone Girl / Favorite things to look for in a script: originality, great pacing, and a story that isn’t afraid to take risks; not racism or sexism / Favorite genres: drama, comedy, and any great story


MC graduated from Boston University and spent a few years in Shanghai before returning to LA. MC still works with several Shanghai productions, and has read for companies such as Lucasfilm, Sundance, Sony, and was an assistant to a producer for a year.

Favorite place to read: on the couch / Favorite movies: romantic comedies like Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Bridesmaids / Favorite things to look for in a script: great dialogue, fun ideas, and happy endings / Favorite genres: romantic comedies, comedy, action, drama

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