'The Name with No Face' Out Now!

After its initial theatrical release in 2016 and a limited streaming engagement via Vimeo in 2018, The Name with No Face is now officially available to the public exclusively through Gumroad! Rent or buy the title HERE! And listen to the official song featured in the film:

EL Joins Medium

EL has joined Medium and started a publication where we will be sharing resources, tips, advice, and general knowledge about filmmaking and related topics. Read two of our articles about distribution and filming locations now! Check out our Medium publication here.

Present All 24

The art of cinema is one that is unique, and combines the crafts of many incredible and talented artists in order to bring a story, its world, characters, and magic, to life. It is disheartening that The Academy has chosen to rotate select categories to be presented during commercial break (this year being cinematography, editing, …