‘recapture’ Out Now

Evelyn Lee’s new short film, recapture, is out now! Watch now, streaming exclusively on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwDRiRpPwMA


Present All 24

The art of cinema is one that is unique, and combines the crafts of many incredible and talented artists in order to bring a story, its world, characters, and magic, to life. It is disheartening that The Academy has chosen to rotate select categories to be presented during commercial break (this year being cinematography, editing, …


Evelyn Lee has extended her contract with SL Management (SLM) as her management, bringing the team in-house. She will also continue to be repped by her attorney. Get in touch with SLM directly or through the studio.

New Short Film

Evelyn Lee has announced her next short film, a story about a stressful situation. Currently untitled, the film is heading into production with Lee directing her own original script. She will also be starring and producing. Principal photography is set to begin soon. The film currently does not have a release date scheduled.

Evelyn Lee Writes About Distribution

In her inaugural piece on Medium, Evelyn Lee shares her experience with self-distribution for her film, The Name with No Face. The documentary short became one of 61 eligible entries for Oscars® consideration in 2016. Read more here. Follow Evelyn on Medium