Evelyn Lee

Evelyn Lee (李乃萱) is an award-winning filmmaker, and is the director, writer, and producer behind numerous short films. She is the founder, owner, and creative director of her studio. Lee also has experience in editing, cinematography, acting, and line producing. Her work ranges from narrative fiction to documentary, as well as branded content.

Lee often explores stories about interpersonal relationships and identity that stem from her Chinese-American culture, and makes films in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Her films have screened at many festivals worldwide. The Name with No Face, the first documentary film Lee directed, had a limited release theatrically through self-distribution in 2016, and became one of 61 eligible entries for Oscars® consideration.

She is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, dabbles in photography, composes scores, and is usually based in New York City. She holds a BFA in Directing and is currently working on her first feature film.


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