Cultural Consulting

We help tell better stories.

EL was founded and is headed by an Asian woman and we have always believed in bettering representation of Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities in Hollywood stories. We know firsthand that it takes a village to create any story, big or small, but we also believe that all projects and genres can help contribute to creating a positive cultural impact. It is vital that we tell genuine and accurate stories of our community to help combat stereotypical and harmful representations in entertainment media, especially with an increase in violence toward members of the community.

We can help you make your work authentic and culturally empowering by offering script consulting & cultural sensitivity readings, translation consulting for Mandarin Chinese, talent referrals, and more.


We are here to help filmmakers, content creators, producers of all projects to create accurate and nuanced portrayals and stories of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. EL can help in cultural consulting on a variety of projects that include studio feature films meant for global consumption to smaller projects and social media campaigns.

For the most effective partnership, we advise bringing EL on to the creative process as early as possible.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Consulting Producers

We serve as ongoing support throughout the entire development, production, and post process by providing consistent guidance to help ensure the final product is culturally accurate. We work directly with networks, studios, brands, and production companies on a custom retainer basis.

Development Consultation

We work with creators and executives at the earliest stages of development to help ensure things are culturally sound from the beginning, by supporting your team throughout the process with dialogue, characters, story arcs, and theme.

Script Consulting & Cultural Sensitivity Reading

We look over and review your scripts to make sure it is free of any biases, stereotypes, and inaccuracies, ensuring it is culturally accurate. Scripts include features and shorts, episodic television, podcasts, web-series, commercials, and more.

Translation Consulting

We will help you look over any translated dialogue in screenplays before it heads into production to ensure actors are saying the right lines, or look over subtitling for your project in post-production. Nothing needs to be lost in translation again. This service is provided in partnership with SL Studio.

**NOTE: At the present time, this service is only available specifically for Mandarin Chinese to English or English to Mandarin Chinese translations. We can work with both traditional and simplified Chinese.

Reviews of Storyboards

We can help look over your storyboards to make sure the scenarios, settings, and characters depicted are culturally accurate before the project heads into production.

Reviews of Rough Cuts

We can help look over a rough cut of your project to help you catch any cultural inaccuracies depicted so that you still have time to make necessary changes.

Chinese (& Taiwanese) Culture Deep Dives

We can help with the specificity of different aspects of Chinese culture, be it ancient Chinese culture during dynastic rule or modern day, as well as the Chinese diaspora experience. This extends to Taiwanese culture as well. We can help advise on teams big or small, including writers rooms, so that you can better protect your creative team’s experience and use us as a middleman for those who may need to learn.

Referrals and Hiring

We can help refer you to Asian or Pacific Islander talent, including writers, directors, actors, casting directors, below-the-line, other cultural experts, et al from in-house and/or our extended trusted network.

Cultural Sensitivity Review for Products/Merchandise

We look over and review your products and designs to make sure it is free of any biases, stereotypes, and inaccuracies, ensuring it is culturally accurate and not insensitive before they go to market.

Please note that EL does not provide individual career consultation at this present time.