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Designs and Merchandise

We here at ELHQ have always prided ourselves in being original and creating works across all mediums that reflect our own creativity. We are firmly against any and all violations of copyright/trademark and intellectual property infringement.

For some time now, we have been selling our very original, minimalist designs on merchandise across different platforms, including but not limited to Society6, Redbubble, Threadless, and Spring (formerly Teespring).

Recently, we encountered an issue with Spring, where we hosted a majority of designs. They have decided to remove a large number of our original designs, claiming without any merit that they have infringed upon certain copyright and trademarks. This claim is simply false and unfounded.

We are disappointed in the way Spring has dealt with this situation, and while we were able to get some issues resolved, we no longer trust the platform as a place for us to host our designs and serve our customers. We will immediately begin moving our designs and likely be distributing them between different platforms. Please bear with us as the changes take place.

If you, too, are a creator with designs hosted on Spring (formerly Teespring), we strongly advise that you consider using a different platform.

Our digital only content, including films and music, are still available on Gumroad.