News Statements

Plans for the Future

As we’ve learned from the past year, and even just within the past few months, this pandemic is unpredictable and ever-changing. Because of this, we have decided to continue putting off plans for a full return to normal – whatever that means anymore.

We are, however, taking small steps. Remaining mostly remote, we will continue working from home. For those who will need to work on set or on site, we will be requiring vaccinations as well as continued mask wearing to ensure everyone’s safety. For set work, depending on the length of production, we will also require testing in accordance to all safety protocols and local guidelines.

Though we are a relatively small studio, the safety of everyone is of utmost importance to us and we take this very seriously. These requirements will be in place until further notice.

We hope these points help give everyone a greater peace of mind as we attempt a semblance of any normalcy.

Looking forward to brighter days ahead,
EL Team