Reaffirming Our Promise on Inclusivity

Since our inception, EL has always believed in proper representation and telling original stories from different perspectives. Our focus has always been on amplifying the representation of Asian/Asian-American women on and off the screen, and most of our films have always explored stories about women of color, especially Asian-American women. We do our very best to foster an inclusive and safe environment, particularly on our film sets, where we have had largely women and people of color crews. In March of 2018, we promised to continue to be the inclusion riders we have always set out to be. And we vow to continue doing so.

While we are a relatively small studio, we firmly believe that the stories we tell can have a tremendous impact on those who choose to watch and listen. It is our responsibility to tell stories that reflect the world around us. We promise to continue approaching all projects with this in mind.

Thank you to those who have supported us all these years. We promise to constantly challenge ourselves to be better.