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Present All 24

The art of cinema is one that is unique, and combines the crafts of many incredible and talented artists in order to bring a story, its world, characters, and magic, to life.

It is disheartening that The Academy has chosen to rotate select categories to be presented during commercial break (this year being cinematography, editing, makeup/hairstyling, and live action short film). Not only does this change a nearly century old tradition of celebrating cinema, but cinematography and editing are crafts that, quite literally, make movies movies. No category should ever be affected in this way. This is disrespectful to those who work so hard below the line to make film a truly collaborative effort.

We want to take this opportunity to also point out, once again, that there is still a lack of women and POC nominees, and we urge more projects and studios to adopt an inclusion rider policy. We would also like to thank the casting directors and stunt performers who work tirelessly to help so many projects come to life and still don’t get recognized.

We hope The Academy reconsiders their decision moving forward. We stand with our fellow filmmakers in hoping The Academy will #PresentAll24, as they always have.

–Evelyn Lee & EL Studio